Discover through a few lines what is the career of Vladimir Victor Negault.

  • 1980

    Transylvania, « Land of Vampires »

    Aged of 12, Vladimir Victor NEGAULT meets Aleksander Freund 65 years old. Lone Rabbi without a community in a town deserted by his people, Mr. Freund fell back on the trade of his ancestors as a jeweller and watchmaker.

    The clients follow each other all day long, explaining the malfunctions of their watches and depositing it for repair. At nightfall, when the curtain falls and there’s only the light of the workbench, the watches open and the calibers unveil their Magic !

    All is New for the Young man : The different parts are identified by "barbaric" names as Federhaus, Ankerrad (wich will later become Barrel, Escapewheel)... The Passion is there, and it will only increase year by year !!!

    With the first tools given by Mr. Freund, the young man will improvise a benchwork at home, and over the next years will discover with Passion the Harmony and Delicatesse of the watches’ parts, by working on pocket watches, wristwatches and alarm clock

  • 1994


    Vladimir Victor NEGAULT, as an Independent Architect doing essentially International Architecture Competitions, meets François-Paul JOURNE, Parisian Independant Watchmaker. Mr. Journe purposes to V V Négault to make the casting 3D model of a Crocodile-Bracelet for the Famous Brand CARTIER JOAILLERIE INTERNATIONALE.

  • 1996 - 2000


    Vladimir Victor NEGAULT works on Singing Birds Automatons projects, for some Swiss Brands as Olympia SA, Jacob Frisard (Ste-Croix, Switzerland) and the famous ANTIQUORUM Geneva. Real vintage automatons are completely dismantled and measured in order to be transformed into 3D functional models, all the creativity and expertise of the great Masters of the Golden Age was present in these works !!!

  • 2004


    François-Paul JOURNE, now driving his own Brand in Geneva with very new Complications, purposes V V Négault to work on his projects and to produce 3D animated movies in order to explain how these Complications work. Tourbillon with Equality Remontoire and Dead-Beat Second, Chronometer with Acoustic Resonance, Minutes Repeater, Grande Sonnerie,... the world of the Horological Complications has decidedly won over the Architecture. At the end of this mission wich took 4 years, Vladimir Victor NEGAULT leaves Paris in 2008 and moves to Geneva. François-Paul JOURNE has purposed him to join the Research & Development Dept. of the most creative watchmaking Brand in the World : FP JOURNE / Invenit et Fecit !

  • 2008


    A new life begins. For 10 years more, simultaneously working on calibers’ development, a deep, complete training starts with self-learning through books about the Watchmaking History, as well as Engineering works on Movements & Complications Development.

  • 2018


    Vladimir Victor NEGAULT decides to launch his own Brand, as an Independent Watchmaker and Conceptor. During 4 years, he designs his Original Collection made of 5 different models based on very new Complications, and starts to develope the 3 first ones.

  • 2022


    the Adventure begins, by launching the first model of ATAELIER HAUTE COMPLICATION, the Dual Time.

    The 2nd model, the Striking Tourbillon with Half-Hour Reminder, ready to launch too, will follow in 2023.

    "Being a Disciple of François-Paul JOURNE isn’t a submission, but a Title of Nobility"

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