After 14 years of Research & Development with the prestigious FP JOURNE Invenit et Fecit Manufacture , Architect Vladimir Victor NEGAULT passionate about watchmaking decides to found his own Brand in Geneva : ATAELIER HAUTE COMPLICATION and to create new exclusive movements based on very new complications.

And so were created :

- A Tourbillon with an original ringing system , the “Reminder of the Passing Half-Hour”, including an innovative and compact design of the hammers and levers
- A Perpetual Calendar with a Perpetual weekly “Business” Calendar (first Worldwide)
- A Ringing Chronometer “Pendule de Paris” (first Worldwide)
- A Grande Sonnerie of completely revolutionary conception

For the launch of his Brand ATAELIER HAUTE COMPLICATION , Vladimir Victor NEGAULT created an original Chronometer including a Double Time Zone whose display is more forward intuitive and efficient than most Market GMT’s (most of which don’t use the 24h count).

This Timepiece “Dual Time” will be manufactured as a Ltd. Ed. of 99 pieces , in partnership with Frédéric Leuba Director of Production in Fribourg (Switzerland) associate on the project.

The Public Price is : 8 000 CHF/pce

An exclusive Pre-Series of 19 numbered Prototypes , currently being manufactured and deliverable this coming september october 2022 , was available for Pre-Order . Sold out in 6 days !

“During my 18 years as an Architect , I never understood why no discount is offered to clients who buy a real estate property BEFORE its construction , thus contributing to the financing of the building . So I decided to give a discount to my first loyalty customers which reserve their watch today, deliverable on march-april 2023 (LIMITED TO 20 RESERVATIONS).

If Passion is priceless, it does have a value ! And Collectors know this well !

So reserve your number if still available!